The Creative Democracy: an introduction

image1In restarting blogging and writing I’m discovering that my need to write is often tempered by the facts of work, family and the day-to-day. This stuff can leave an individual worn down and attacks any sense of motivation to create.

Nonetheless I have come to realise though that there are talented people around me who do all of these things yet manage to bring their art to life. I want to dig a little deeper into the creative lives of these people and find out what motivates them and what sustains them in their art – in whatever form it takes.

There is a quote by someone who, I have tried, but really cannot bring to mind at the moment, about how music shouldn’t be about fame, shouldn’t be about making money but it should just be about picking up your guitar, just making music. And I can’t help but think that this is what art should be – not necessarily an occupation but a distraction – just for the joy of it.

The basis of The Creative Democracy series of articles is – I’m interested in what makes these part-time passion filled artists tick. I’d love to learn more about how people do this – so please feel free to share your story with me – just as these good people who I will work with in this series. I am honestly and truly interest in telling these stories, just for the love of it. Contact me in the comments below….

times are hard for dreamers


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