Ethical 366: March Edit


Waiting for a train in vain: Photo taken on the platform of a station lost post-Beeching!

Spring is here! As we egg roll into the month of Easter, I’ve been feeling all the joys of the season and have scoured the racks of the charity shops carefully to select four great items ready for the ever lengthening days and the return of sunlight!

My very first acquisition, and probably my favourite for this month or even the year is this M&Co beauty – which I picked up in Scope for a mere £2! I love the cut and the quirky nautical fabric – and such an outrageous bargain. It seems the local shop had a sale on (of all insane ideas) so I capitalised and picked up this mid-length lined dress, with belt included. I’ve styled it with 1940’s inspired pinned up hair and red Irregular Choice shoes (a gift from my sister). It really doesn’t need much more.


An A line on an abandoned train line…

One of my biggest problems at work has been the loss of my  collection of cigarette trousers and the realisation that my challenge left me with a single pair of wide-leg trousers. This was rectified by picking up this great pair of Zara Basic trousers from The British Heart Foundation for £4.75. I’m considering teaming it with this vintage Prophecy top which (again with the US sizing – down as a 10 which I understand actually makes it a size 14 – I think now I’ve removed the horror shoulder pads this may work!) I picked up in the Scope sale for just £2!

The big portion of this months budget came down to an impulse buy – driving past the Mercy In Action shop when I caught a flash of yellow in the corner of my eye.

I came back the next day and saw this stunning yellow-lace 1960’s inspired Autograph dress. It wasn’t cheap by charity shop standards but it was a had to have dress.

I’m still not sure how to style this – my instinct was to go down the actual 1960s Elizabeth Taylor look but I really think I need to reconsider this – perhaps some hippy styling is the way forward? Please let me know what you think!

So this month’s selection came to a grand total of £23.75. And for that tidy sum (leaving a roll over of £2.25 for this month and £1 for last month) I’ve managed to sweep in a haul of beauties.

  • Have you had any sensational charity shop buys? Please share them with me….


  1. I absolutely love the yellow dress! I have been trying to wear more of whats in my wardrobe (and as of today I have only bought a jacket and a pair of shoes) I wouldnt have resisted that one though! Cant wait to see more of your posts x


    • lilithinfurs · March 13, 2016

      Thank you! I think slow fashion is a way of life you have to embrace. I’m still work in progress – because I’ve lost almost all my wardrobe I’m having to work harder with my clothes!


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  3. meinheels · March 18, 2016

    Was that Mercy In Action the Winslow Branch? It looks the one that was on my old commute. I also wonder do you tend to quickly socially profile a neighbourhood before diving into the charity shops?

    Liked by 1 person

    • lilithinfurs · March 19, 2016

      Well spotted! I don’t think there’s a lot of value anymore in socially profiling an area. Most of the big charity shops tend to warehouse distributor out to different shops. The only way of really telling about the quality is by looking in the shop window & in the racks.


      • meinheels · March 19, 2016

        Well you know this area well enough I definitely notice stock in the same charity shops in Aylesbury shops don’t have quality stock like that of Winslow or Buckingham or Amersham.

        Liked by 1 person

      • lilithinfurs · March 19, 2016

        It’s probably just that I like living dangerously! But most of the £51 Capsule wardrobe was bought in Aylesbury – including the amazing coat!


      • meinheels · March 19, 2016

        Maybe its just me, but you’ll never see a pair of Zanottis in an Aylesbury charity shop.

        Liked by 1 person

      • lilithinfurs · March 19, 2016

        Probably not! But I’ll search in hope and keep you posted…


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