Ethical 366: One month in

So a month of living with a wardrobe reduced by a third? Only supplemented by buys from charity shops? What was I thinking??? I’d effectively given away all my style, all my favourite clothes for the want of credibility in my #ethical366 ethical clothing/charity challenge.


The day I said goodbye to all my beloved style, but #fastfashion habits

The reality of clothing that had been given to me as gifts (ie the bulk of the clothes that remained under the #ethical366 rules – self imposed obviously see my earlier blog – Ethical 366: Laying the ground rules) were that they largely consisted of occasion wear and nightwear. I was fully equipped for the eventuality that I be largely bed bound for the forseeable with life or death appearances at balls and other formals. Due to this, the first purchases for the challenge needed to be functioning workwear, which I managed in abundance. My magpie eye also drew me to an array of pretty going out dresses which I chose for love rather than practicality.

What was lacking was a variety of relaxed casual wear – my skinny jeans, styled t-shirts and favourite tweed jacket had not made the cut and I was left with a couple of t-shirts, one pair of decent Gap jeans, a random pair of Burberry jeans my sister loved circa 2000 and my favourite pair of Tibetan, fair-traded pantaloons which would probably make the other children in my daughter’s class laugh and point in life-threatening levels of mortification which would shrivel up even the most daring of five year olds.


The 2000 era Burberry Jeans: Vintage chic or worryingly bad throwback?

The fact I’ve neglected fully to sort through my shoes means I’ve also been limited to just the Mary Janes from the £51 capsule wardrobe and the amazing Irregular Choice heels I wore to style the March edit – given to me by my equally amazing sister. This has meant a) I’ve had to wear a pair of new shoes through the pain phase for days running (they broke in before they broke me) and b)I’ve not had any casual shoes to wear with my only pair of good jeans. Fortunately I’ve managed to spend £3 of the £3.25 running excess on a pair of brand new New Look flats from Oxfam.FullSizeRender (13).jpg

Suffice to say it’s all made for some fairly odd outfits which haven’t made me feel a million dollars as I tread the melamine flooring of the supermarkets. I’ve also had to adapt to having much less choice in clothing and the need for more washes. I’ve had to organise outfits throughout the week so I can get a couple of wears out of certain outfits with the time to wash items between wears!

So is it worth it?  So far yes – I’ve had lots of compliments on my smart “new” threads – even from someone who had prepared a few comic jibes having been told about my challenge (he thought I’d jacked it in). All this safe in the knowledge that first of all I have done no harm, by reusing instead of increasing fast fashion volumes, and also that I’ve put back by making the purchase in the first place – good vibes.

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