#Ethical366: The May Edit – Shoe Spectacular

Shoe Bargains.PNG

Shoe-ting stars – all for under £50!

The biggest hindrance in opting to set an affordable ethical shopping budget for this challenge has been in reducing my once burgeoning collection of shoes into effectively just two pairs of shoes.  One of these pairs of shoes has already worn through from repeated usage (Fast Fashion showing its lack of durability – at least they were an as new bargain from Oxfam!). I’d lucked out with the other pair, which have proved durable if somewhat uncomfortable. I missed the thrill of having footwear options to switch up an outfit and express my personality.

I had considered blowing the budget for a month – doubling up the next month’s budget to fund my shoe extravaganza. But as I left my job for a new role my lovely team at my job in Aylesbury were kind enough to give me a haul of gifts which included an envelope with £26 marked “Charity Shop Month’s budget from us”. To me that’s an amazing gift – and a gift which I’ve used to supplement this month’s budget for a shoe-per special! Thank you to you all my lovely colleagues!

So the aim of this month’s game (somewhat delayed much to my regret) was to bring the pizzazz back below the ankle and give me more options. And the charity shops really met my expectations in terms of brands, quality and price.

Michael Kors Sandals.JPG

Love these Kors by Michael Kors wedges

The first pair, admittedly already bought, were the lush Kors by Michael Kors wedge sandals I picked up at the Style Me In Seconds event the month before. I stand by these being a snip at £20 from Shelter. The leather is so soft and the wedge so accommodating that I even managed to take the stairs at Covent Garden at a run in them!

Wedges are going to form a big part of my summer, partly because I couldn’t resist this bright pair of Nine West wedges for a tenner in the Shaw Trust shop in Princes Risborough. They were picked out for me by my friend Emma (fast becoming a Charity Shopper extraordinaire) as somehow I had missed them.

Nine West Wedges.PNG

Nine West wedges bought for £10

I was also in desperate need of some grown up shoes again and the British Heart Foundation shop in Buckingham has provided me with this most perfectly comfortable and subtly stylish Jasper Conran courts for just £8.99.

Jasper Conran Shoes.PNG

Love these Jasper Conran cuties!

Also hiding on the BHF racks, were this pair of quirky Art Deco-esque New Look Heels for a mere £6.99.

New Look Art Deco.JPG

Chic Art Deco styled New Look heels for £6.99

Finally – the piece de resistance – was a pair of shoes I have been repeatedly drawn to in the Buckingham RSPCA shop.

Timeless shoe boots 2.JPG

I don’t even know where to start with what to wear with these! Answers on a postcard please!

A gorgeous shade of Cadbury’s purple, these crazy “Timeless” heels (No I’ve never heard of the label either) with bonkers buckles up the back are so unlikely to go with ANYTHING I own. But still I kept mulling them over, albeit rejecting them after having picked them up on at least fice or six occasions. This time when I popped by I noticed they had been reduced to a mere £4. Well, it was fate wasn’t it?

Timeless Shoe Boots.PNG

They were £4!!! What would you have done?

Five pairs of quality shoes for under £50? It can be done!

  • Have you picked up any bargain shoes in charity shops? Do you have any top tips for places to buy shoes in charity shops? Please, please let me know!


  1. Charlotte · May 22, 2016

    I generally don’t have much luck when it comes to finding charity shop shoe bargains – I bought a bright pink pair of dr Martin lookalikes for a fiver (which crippled my feet but this month I found some juju jelly shoes for £2!

    Very jealous of your Nine West wedges though I like them a lot!

    Liked by 1 person

    • lilithinfurs · May 23, 2016

      When it comes to charity shopping you make your own luck! Pop in whenever you can because stock turns over so fast in the shoe section! And you have to show us a pic of the Juju Jellies!


  2. midcenturycurves · May 23, 2016

    Nice shoes! I have a hard time buying shoes that aren’t expensive, because I have plantar fasciitis and need the shoes to fit perfectly. Most of my shoes have to accommodate inserts or stick-on arches as well. You have great taste in shoes!

    Liked by 1 person

    • lilithinfurs · May 23, 2016

      Thank you! Sounds as though, although you’re restricted in the shoes, you’ll be forced to choose amazing dresses instead 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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