Ethical 366: An Ethical Panty Raid

So far the most bothersome thing around my Ethical 366 challenge is my underwear.


The reason why it bothers me so is: a) it entirely consists of underwear that has been gifted to me of absolutely non-ethical origin and b) the lack of new input means it’s starting to look and feel very tired.

I also have a number of non-ethical considerations which also provide somewhat of a hindrance – I have big breasts, ridiculously large breasts, and a tiny back – I’m roughly a 32E although the cup size has seemed to rise over my last couple of months of slight self neglect. Yes, poor me, you might sarcastically say. Porn star boobs on a tiny frame must be awful. And it actually really is – finding pretty little bralets is out of the window, out of sheer physics, the same science dictates the need for hefty straps, lower proportions of pretty lace and a higher ratio of heavy-duty elastane. You’re more of a niche group, so most mainstream retailers only reluctantly cater for your shape in restricted ranges of styles. On top of this the wrong bra can be a disaster – flattening or double boob area constant risk – unless you’ve got glorious, gargantuan chest baubles it’s hard to understand. The other consideration I have is the constant fear of VPL – so I have an aversion to “big” or “boy” pants because of this.

The final complication for me is cost – I have set myself the task of a £26 a month spend on clothing – to tie in with the cheap high street fuelled national average spend. Anticipating a high cost of ethical underwear I have earmarked June, July and August – a whopping £78 set aside for this legit, Fairtrade panty raid.

So what’s out there for an ethically minded shopper of such specific needs?

I’ve been doing some research and, although there are some disappointments there are many, many options out there.

A lot of charities offer new, ethical undies – oddly enough Amnesty International offers a limited range of underwear – lots of pants but sadly no bras. The staple of the shopper with a conscience – The Ethical Superstore – carry a range of knickers, sock and nightwear but again bras appear to be missing. In the more Luxe end of the market Anekdot Boutique have a gorgeous array of bras, knickers, sets and swimwear – but as the sizing comes in small, medium and large, I have to say I am not confident to commit my budget to a single set which might not fit. A woman of my dimensions has to be specific and has to be confident around support. Ciel too make stunning sets but are limited in style and size.

I unearthed a positive goldmine of ethical undies at By Nature which offers a variety of brands boasting top-notch ethical credentials. AND their offerings include E cup bras in realistic prices (Their bras range between about £16.99 and £25.95

One company however have really grabbed my attention – Luva Huva (apparently pronounce Lover Huva) produce some beautiful items of lingerie and their ranges are individually handmade in their London studio so if you require sizes not advertised with the pieces you can contact them, via email, to request a custom order in your size.

Out of all the options I have seen I have to say that their lingerie has particularly piqued my interest so I have made an enquiry  around the possibility of this gorgeous set in my size..


And of course this is not a query with a view to a freebie – at £69.00, plus £3.95 shipping this will be my budget blown – but I’d like an experience of something beautiful AND ethical. I will keep you posted…


  • Do you have any ethical underwear recommendations? Do you know any manufacturers who make beautiful, ethical underwear? Then let me know – I’d love to know what is out there that I’m missing.

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