Ethical Treats: An Aspirational bracelet.

You might not yet be ready to commit entirely to the ethical life – lets face it it is very difficult to get to the bottom of each and every item of clothing. So I’m aiming to highlight, in short pieces,
some of the finest examples of ethical fun and style so you can start piecing together conversation starters that will get that ethical message out there and perhaps encourage people that ethical does not necessarily have to mean dull, crusty or overly worthy – but so that gorgeous little things can speak for themselves in the safe knowledge they have been consciously produced

This beautiful little bracelet was actually a birthday gift given to me by a kind and ethically conscious friend but it is so adorable, available and affordable that I really wanted to share.

Sold by at an ultra reasonable £3.98, this bracelet is formed from recycled crayons sourced by a Fair Trade company called Aspiration in New Dehli. 

Aspiration work with artisans all over India, working on boosting and developing cottage industries and proving fair wages, with the aim of allowing them to stand on their own whilst reviving traditional crafts.


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