Letter to that boy #5

Darling Boy,

Although your last letter was short, I read it at its meaning.

I know the worries that prey upon you – that it can never be fixed – and the defining need to do more to end the suffering that people inflict on each other to assuage their own hurt. 

But remember things are as they ever were. The bad things will still happen, the damage will be still done and as an individual you will never save each and every soul. But, remember, the fact we know about them means we can do something about it, even in the smallest and most oblique of ways. We are not people who can turn away from these things or walk away, we will always run towards them.

You and I work best when we are alongside and with the darkness that is not ours. We are lights that shine on the darkness. We can never drive it wholly away and we know this, as a ribbon of it runs through the core of our beings. We can do these things because we carry a perverse affinity with it. We understand it, even as we hate it and that pity allows us to run it out for a time. The affinity means though, that in failing or even just not succeeding, we turn each loss into self hatred.

Remember though, my darling, sometimes the greatest victories are not in the obvious, not in the battles won nor the damsels rescued. Sometimes the victories are when we put out a message of hope in a bottle and let it drift to where and whom it is needed. We don’t know what it will inspire nor what it will achieve. The fact that hope is there means there is a promise of change. 

You know this battle isn’t yours to win my darling, but your message in a bottle might just be weapons grade hope.

Yours always,

That Girl


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