Letter to That Boy #6

Darling Boy,

I always know when things are weighing heavy on your mind, but when you commit them to type I know just how heavily.

Its funny in a way. I think if this situation had arisen even seven months ago I think there would be no fear in you. There’d be worse ways to go than go down in a hail of bullets and glory right? But the beautiful thing in this particular fear is that it means a lot more than just mere self preservation – in this particular act of concern for yourself.

It made me think about how much had changed, for both of us. Being tangled emotional wreckage from the crazy situations we’d fallen into at the beginning, the strangest thing has happened. We’ve woven magick here – hope, a future, a home.

Just the joy of it hit me as we spoke yesterday, the waves of separation occasionally washing over us, the unexpected happiness that we’ve grown.
We’d made lives over accepting our lots and doing our best, then this amazing thing comes out of no-where, blindsiding us both, better than we would ever had dared to dream.

What we’ve found is a lot to lose isn’t it?

So please, be safe. Just take care and be cautious – you have a home to come home to now.

Yours always,

That Girl

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