Letter to That Boy #8

Darling Boy,
I know a fair few things, but of those things I know best, I know you.

I know words will be cold comfort when you feel the furthest from home and that your waning energies will be exhausted by your efforts to come back to where you left your heart.

My love, I have waited for you, as you have waited for me. It has been pain and wrenching separation, with the hope of being back close again.

When you’re so tired the world weighs heavy on you and the worst becomes most obvious. These things happen and their horror cannot be changed, not right now. 

What we will do is to bring you home and let you rest. When you are rested and settled back where you belong we will talk and see how we will set alight all the wrongs and make them right.

You need home, not words my love.
Yours always,

That Girl 

In reply to: https://jjpatrickauthor.wordpress.com/2016/11/02/letters-from-mexico-8/


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