Poetry: Pause in Breath

Been holding my breath for weeks.
The weight and nausea suggest hope

But I fear my breath may clear out the space

Rendering me empty.

So I hold

And wait


Poetry: Grief Stalks Me

I’m having to run at the moment. I’ve made a commitment, despite being awful at it. The only bonus and problem is that it gives me time to think. The thinking generated this:

I run, 

Grief stalks me in the trees, 

Camouflaged against the leaf line,

Hits my heart with dart.

I drop,

Paralysed and stymied 

Gasping for air 

Reaching for memory.

I get up, 

And run again, 

She still lurks within the bowed branches,

Waits for me to pass through shade, her arrows steadied and waiting.

I run, Grief stalks me.